Collection: Vent Motors

Our line of ventilation motors has been designed for greenhouse rollup vents and livestock curtain ventilation systems.

These can be controlled thermostatically through an AutoVent controller or through a third-party controller by utilizing a controller interface box.
We help you conquer natural ventilation. 

Don't let the temperatures vary in a greenhouse when you are gone away..  You don't need to be there every time the sun comes out.

Don't have wet bedding or coughing animals. These vent motors are installed on thousands of freestall barn curtains. 

Make sure Mother Nature stays on your side. Long live Autovent vent curtain motors.

Greenhouse roll-up sides offer growers a chance to utilize automated ventilation.  This is vital to maintaining proper indoor greenhouse conditions.

 Roll up sides are an ideal option that offers a quick ROI. Whether it’s manual or automated, everything is in your hands.